Baby Boy is half a year old!

This little cutie just had his half birthday!! What a joy he is. Honestly this poor kid gets forgotten a lot of the time because his big sisters take so much more work and he's just a ball of contented happiness. Of course we give him lots of love, but until he becomes mobile we are just enjoying how easy he is.

So far Eli seems to prefer being at home, where he is comfortable and familiar with all his surroundings. He is quick to smile, giggle and drool on everything within reach. He is happy to be held by anyone and handles our trips around the city well, but is quite a bit smilier at home.  He is all boy and we are excited to see more of the differences of having a boy and discover his personality as time goes on. Lily and Ruth love him to pieces and he loves their adoring baby talk and kisses.

Recovery has been slow physically and mentally from his birth, but slowly my brain is starting to function a little better and we're finding our new normal.

I can hardly believe he's only been with us (on the outside) these 6 months because I feel like I've known him forever! But it's also crazy to realize 6 months have already passed! What a crazy phenomenon that is. Love our boy Eli!

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