Spanish, Spanish, y mas Spanish. Wait...what?

So we've been here plugging away at Spanish study, and it's going really well. According to the system of evaluation that we are using there are 4 levels of language ability: Basic, Progressing, Capable, and Proficient. Within each level there are 3 tiers (Low, Mid, and High). I (Don) had my language evaluation back at the end of September and I was in Capable Low. Chrissy just had her eval and she's in Progressing High.

It was really exciting to see how much progress we made It means I'm getting very close to testing out of official Spanish study. I still won't be as comfortable in Spanish as I am in English, but it's a big step and so that's encouraging. Just after hearing my results of my evaluation I found out that our goal is actually Capable High (instead of Capable Mid). I don't know why I thought it was Capable Mid, but it was a little discouraging feeling so close to the finish line and then realizing it is actually still a ways off.

I'm guessing that I'll finish sometime in the late spring or during the summer. Chrissy still has a little more to go but she'll probably be finishing next summer or possibly next fall. We're still not sure which tribal group we'll be working with but we have a few good ideas. Hopefully by the end of next year we'll be looking at building or renovating a house among an unreached people group.

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