Looking back on a full year...

We spent the holidays here in Mexico this year, and although it's been difficult being away from family, it's been really fun and quite an experience having Christmas and New Year's in Mexican homes. It was full of good food and karaoke (both Spanish and English!)

As I look back on this year, I'm amazed. This has been quite the year for us. Much of this past year was spent bouncing back and forth between Michigan and Pennsylvania, visiting supporters and speaking at churches and small groups. Aside from raising the support we needed to get to the field, there were tons of preparations and loads of paperwork to do in order to move to Mexico. Then there was the move which was basically a few weeks living on the road. Then we got here and started Spanish study a week later, before we had hot water for showers or gas for the stove (or even a bed).

Chrissy's sister and her family also joined the field of Mexico this year and moved here in November. It's been such a blessing having them close and getting to enjoy spending time with them.

All in all it's been a crazy year. And, I'm sure the next one will be pretty crazy too. Maybe all this transition goes with the territory. In the midst of having so much change it can be hard to feel like we're standing on solid ground, but I think going through all this change has been good for us, because it helps us to rely on God and draw near to Him in closeness, because He doesn't change. We can rest in Him and recognize that this earth isn't our home. So if it feels like we're nomads, it's kind of true. We aren't home yet, we have a job to do, and we're just passing through.

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