Bye Bye Baby, Hello Toddler!

I'm lying here in bed listening to my soon to be 1 year old happily say 'Hi' over and over in her bed as she falls asleep. Just another word she's been practicing lately! Every day she develops some new talent it seems, or at least tries something new. Yesterday she heard her cousin Jude say something about tape and we heard her clear as a bell repeat 'TAPE'. I'm sure it was a fluke and won't be repeated! But it is just amazing to me the way she's growing and blossoming more and more every day into a bright and mischievous little toddler.

It is absolutely crazy to me that tomorrow she will turn 1. I hardly feel like I've even fully realized that I'm a mom yet and here she goes turning 1 on me. It's sad and wonderful all at the same time!

At this time one year ago Don and I were checking into a hotel in Missouri, hopeful that I would go into labour that night. The hospital we had chosen was two hours from our little apartment and we were nervous we would have a fluke fast first birth like our friends the Hundertmarks and didn't want to be too far away!

We settled in and watched some Duck Dynasty for the first time and I got a wonderful and much needed Bath. We ate snacks, we reminisced and we slept. I did indeed go into labour that night and although we were met with a few hiccups in the delivery, we finally met our sweet girl late on the 17th.

This past year wizzed by in so many ways. I hope I always remember the sweet smell of Lily's newborn skin and her calm and easy going temperament.  Those rare moments when she actually snuggled or fell asleep on me (she's a very busy girl). The way her squishy arms feel to squeeze. Her wrist rolls. Her ticklish toes. The way she dances to music or scrunches up her chubby face like she just can't contain all her joy. :)

So many more things to enjoy about her in the future.

I've had fun taking a picture of her each month and recording some different ways she was growing or developing. It's not always easy getting the 'money shot', so I've been excited to post some of the goofy bloopers or just funny ones that came from my attempts! I didn't get a blooper for every month, but easily came up with 12 outtakes. :) Enjoy my silly girl!

That last one might embarrass her someday... hopefully not. :P

Tomorrow we celebrate her Birthday with family and hopefully again when we get back to PA with our family there.

And one last thing, I love reading parenting blogs occasionally or just float around parenting tips on the internet. Today I loved what this woman had to say and would recommend it to any parent! Check it out here at HandsFreeMama

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