Construction Well Underway

For the last couple months I've been working with Jordan Husband on building his house out in the mountains in one of our ministry locations. He and his family are joining a church planting team and are planning on moving in as soon as the house is ready for them.

I've spent a lot of time preparing for this trip and this is a much bigger building project than I've ever done before. So far it's going very well, and we were able to accomplish more than expected as we go along. I'm so incredibly grateful to the work team from Peaceful Valley Church in Washington State for their servants' hearts and willingness to sacrifice time and money to build the Husbands' house. Here are some pictures from the build...

Our cook, Linda, Bruce, and I flew in and started setting up camp the first day.
On the way in we flew around a large area that was on fire. The guys who drove in actually had to lift a burning log off the road to drive through.
On the flight in we saw some incredible views of God's beautiful creation.

The village is right on the edge of this beautiful canyon

We started out by sealing the floor and prepping for the framing. This was happening right after arriving and setting up our tents.

We sealed the top of the concrete walls as well.

The first floor framing went super fast. Within 2 days we were practically finished with all the walls and joists for the 2nd floor.

The second floor walls went a little slower because of the sloped roof. After a few adjustments to the plan we made more really fast progress.

It wasn't long before we were starting on the roof and ceiling joists for the second floor.

This is practically the condition we left the house in at the end of last week. We're hoping to go back in with another work team and get it dried in in another week.

Luckily, those cows got off the road before the bus got to them. Just another day in Mexico.

I'm very grateful that my dad was able to come and help on the trip. His experience as a builder saved me a ton of headaches and it was good to spend some time with him, both in the mountains and buying supplies in Mazatlan.

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