Settling in and Solar Panels

Well, we've been settling into our house in the tribe since February 26 and it seems like the dust is finally settling. We still have a bunch of boxes to unpack and we're hoping to finish patching and painting a few rooms but all in all it's going well. One of the larger projects we wanted to do the house was updating the solar panels and batteries along with some other solar equipment. Now that it's finally all set up (took me a few days to set it all up and equalize my batteries), I can focus on the rest of the house. Here are some pictures of taking down the old panels and putting up the new ones.

Cutting the frame off the old panels

Vicente helped me lift the new ones into place

This is our battery closet. Looks like spaghetti right?

2 sets of 2 6V batteries in series, in parallel, charge controller, and inverter. Fun stuff

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