Minute Update: Concrete Job

I (Don) have been doing a lot of traveling lately. Being the only missionary in Chihuahua city with a truck has given me lots and lots of opportunities to help other missionaries, move, take supplies to the mountains and provide transportation for lots of trips to the mountains.

Right now I'm on a trip where we're going to be pouring another missionary's (Jordan Husband) concrete floor for his house. Like us, the Husband family are moving into a tribe once they finish their time learning Spanish and Mexican culture. Unlike us, they'll have to build a house in the tribe they're moving into. So Jordan, myself, and one of our field leaders (John) are going into the mountains to work for the week. It's a lot of work, but also a great time of fellowship. I'm glad to have opportunities like this to be helpful whether driving a dentist to the mountains and helping in a dental clinic, or pouring concrete. I'm just happy to be able to serve and help these things go smoother.

(Post Trip Pics)

Please pray that...

...we'll have safety and be able to accomplish what we're trying to.
...that things will go well for Chrissy holding down the fort with the kids.

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