Concrete floor for a church. Done.

This summer has been full of random projects and helping people out. Between managing the guest house, IT work for the MK school and all the random maintenance and whatnot, I got invited to go help put a concrete floor in a new church building for the Tarahumara people of Mexico. The Tarahumara church has been growing and maturing quite a bit and is extending out to new villages within their people group. One of these villages was building this church building but needed a concrete floor put in. So we loaded up the truck and borrowed a trailer to mix up some concrete. This is what followed.

3 hour drive each way. Fun times :)
Parked in front of the church
At least we had two mixers. That made it go a lot faster
Lots of hours of making cement
This made putting the finishing touches on so much easier!
Vicente workin' hard

We had quite the diverse group working together. 3 American missionaries, 1 Panamanian tribal believer attending Bible Institute in Chihuahua, 1 teen from the kid's club I've been teaching, several Tarahumara guys, 1 Guarijío believer (Vicente, who is our missionary coworker in the work to the Guarijío people.)

And we provided entertainment for the kids while we worked :)

It was a lot of work but we also had a blast together. I'm glad we got to serve the Tarahumara church in this way!

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