Moving and Traveling

It seems kind of weird to me when we write updates now. We've been working on our Spanish study for over a year now. It's going well and we're progressing quickly. (It feels like I'm saying the same thing every time.)

It's been difficult for Chrissy to get a lot of conversation in Spanish because of our living situation. We're in a neighborhood that's on the nicer, richer side where the people are usually busy with their jobs or don't really seem interested in getting to know us. So we decided to move to "The Ranch". The ranch is where NTM trains Mexican missionaries to go take the gospel to unreached people groups. We will be able to go to classes in Spanish and have a lot of the students over for meals and games and whatnot. This move has got us pretty busy but it's going well so far.

Picture of our living room as we get settled

We're also pretty busy because we are packing for our trip in December to visit family, churches, and supporters. We'll be spending about 2 weeks in Michigan and 2 weeks in Pennsylvania before coming back to Mexico. It will also be great to spend Christmas with family!

If you'd like to get together with us during that time please contact us! ( or 717-979-1135)

We'll be in Michigan Dec. 8-17 then in Pennsylvania Dec 17 - Jan 1. (then back in MI for a few days before heading south)

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