Times are Changing

The time is fast approaching for our daughter to be born! We are feeling excited, and also a little unsure of how this is going to play out as we continue to learn Spanish.  If I go to full term, we'll have the baby in approximately 4 weeks. Our weeks up until now have been filled with different events, such as church, soccer (for Don), holiday festivities, meetings and language sessions (usually 4 or so for Don, and 3 for me each week) + all the regular life chores such as cooking, cleaning, caring for our toddler, grocery shopping, bills, thank you notes.. correspondence. etc.

As I get more and more uncomfortable and regular things such as breathing become difficult, setting aside time to get language study in each day is becoming more difficult. I am still feeling like I'm progressing, even though lately, especially with the holidays I have not gotten as much time in as I "should" be. I don't even know what life will look like once this new baby enters the world!

Since my sister and brother in law arrived several weeks ago, they will be going through the same 6 week 'take off' course that Don and I went through when we first arrived. This will be an introductory course on Spanish and will spoon feed them a lot of information, practical expressions, and grammar information to get them going in the language. Even though I have already gone through this course, I've been told I can go through it again if I'd like to because there is always more you can get out of it that you didn't get the first time around. So this will be starting in a little over a week.  I'm thinking of joining in on it, at least until the baby is born, since I know it will benefit me and that way I can take a little bit of a break planning for my language sessions and trying to balance all my independent study while we wait for this baby to make her entrance.

Pray for us that we will stay as calm and unstressed during these next few whirlwind weeks before the baby comes, and that we will figure out how to stay engaged in language learning while we adjust to a new human in our family!


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