Bone Chillingly Cold!

One of the questions we were asked the most before moving to Chihuahua was what the weather would be like here. We had heard and read that winters would get cold just like everywhere else in the states, and that it may or may not snow during the winter. Since Don is from Pennsylvania and Chrissy from Michigan we thought we would be set for winter, since it gets so cold in those states!

Well, now we can share from experience what it is like living here when it's cold. The past several weeks the temperature has dipped down into the 40's at night and we are definitely feeling it! In the states where most houses are built from wood and insulation, it is easy to keep your house warm and even though it might be bitter outside you can feel warm to your core inside. Here where the houses are built mostly of block, brick and concrete without double paned windows or any insulation.. 40 degrees feels VERY cold! I'm afraid of the coming months where it will probably get down to 0. We are grateful that Lily's room has carpet in it and a thick black out curtain on the window, since that is helping to keep her room warm. But in our bedroom it has literally felt like there is a draft blowing through the completely shut windows and walking on the tile floors without slippers or socks is torture! Climbing into the ice cold sheets at night is painful and trying not to get out again at night  (when you're pregnant and needing the bathroom a lot) is hard too. We are brainstorming cost effective ways to heat the house for the winter, and contemplating living in mostly one room to save money. Pray we'll stay warm! It's a bone chilling cold that nobody really enjoys here.

I guess it's long underwear, wool socks and jackets from here on out!

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