Baby # 2!

Now that the cat is out of the bag (i.e. announced on Facebook), I wanted to take a minute to answer some questions I've been getting about this little baby girl growing in my tummy.

Probably the most common question I get is, "Will you deliver in Mexico?". The answer is yes.  We live in Chihuahua which is quite a developed city. They have several hospitals and many missionary ladies have had their babies here. I have gotten to talk delivery with some of these women in the last few weeks, and feel totally comfortable with this.  We had our first appointment in Mexico this last week and loved our doctor. He speaks english and has delivered lots of missionary babies here. He's a funny man and even gave us some language learning time during our appointment. :)  The hospital was very clean and professional.

I have been asked a lot how I'm feeling as well. I've been feeling pretty well lately! I was feeling quite sick between weeks 7 and 12, but thankfully never got pukey. I just felt very tired, drained and nauseous for several weeks. I'm so glad that went away before we had to pack up and move! I have been feeling good ever since, with the exception of getting a little light headed every now and then if I don't eat and drink water often enough. Lately I've been craving afternoon naps. I've been pretty tired and have not had time to rest most days. Days here seem like a whirlwind, and it has been hard to get organized with our time so far. Hopefully we'll settle into a new normal soon and I'll get a good afternoon nap one day.

Do you need anything? Eh.. not really. We have baby clothes of Lily's saved for this one. We will be moving Lily to a toddler bed soon to make the pack n play available for the new babe.  We don't have any baby swings or bouncers or anything, or a boppy pillow for nursing. But we'll be fine without those. We have baby toys and things.. I might get a few new muslin swaddling blankets. So not really. We have everything we NEED. If you are the type that still wants to get something for the new kid, we always love cute baby clothes! And we have a wish list (mostly just toy wants for Lily and the new kid) on Amazon here. We keep that up to date when we think of something we need as well.

When are you due? At the very end of January, which will make Lily and baby sis two years apart! Lily's birthday was January 17th. How fun!

I can't think of any more questions I've been getting right now... so that's it for now! I'm excited to see how this special little girl will fit into our family. Lily loves babies and has been hanging out with a 1 year old (Judah) here several times a week. She is learning to be gentle and to share with him. Hopefully by the time she's two she'll be ready for this little bundle! I wonder how similar they will look? Will baby girl have more hair?  What will her personality be like?

Thanks for all the congratulations and prayers. We really appreciate it!  

12 Weeks here.
18 Weeks.

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