Our Stay in Missouri

We've been here in Missouri now for several days staying with some friends and visiting with a few others. It's been a nice time.  When we left Michigan, we left knowing we would need to do some work on our truck once we arrived here to the training center. We recently purchased new tires for our vehicle and had noticed they were all steadily losing pressure. So we kept an eye on it and Don planned to check it out in the garage here at MTC.

He took the tires off and managed to get them on the rims correctly and no more leaking! Yay! A blessing about this whole ordeal was that once they were off, Don noticed some other problems that needed fast attention. Two of the leaf springs were busted and he also noticed the break rotors and some other things needed attention. Whew! Good thing he saw that! So we postponed our departure a day and some good friends brought us the parts we needed from a few hours away.  So Don and his friend Jason have been working on fixing that and hopefully we will be on our way tomorrow. We will make one more stop at a hotel before getting to El Paso on the 13th (hopefully). Praise the Lord he kept us safe with some broken parts on our truck!

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

A last pic with some of my family before we left Michigan! Sad farewell, but excited to see my sister Beth and her family in Mexico in a few months as well! You can read about their journey and ministry at their website here.

We spent one night in Illinois at our good friends Justin and Deb's house! It was so good seeing them, hearing about their language learning progress in New Guinea and meeting their new baby Mia! They are heading back soon, and you can read about their ministry here

We've had highs and lows with Lily throughout this trip. But we are SO thankful for how she has traveled! She has endured long long drives with little to no fussing. That has helped our stress levels so much! Hoping she keeps traveling so well and adjusts well to the time changes.

I love seeing her sleep. She is doing pretty well at nights too considering. Usually only waking up once.

Coming through Missouri we stopped in Mexico! We thought it was pretty funny and stopped to take a few pictures. :)

We're grateful to our friends the Mellingers for opening up their home to us. We've had such a nice time catching up with them and meeting their new baby Emerson. 

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