Last Day In The USA! (For a while)

So I thought I'd give another update of our travels before we hop on over the border tomorrow morning. I am not sure when we will give another update, hopefully soon! But for now, this is what we've been up to.

As I said before, we were in Missouri for several days visiting friends and fixing our truck issues. Having leaky tires really ended up being a blessing in disguise since Don was able to notice some scary problems behind the tires that needed work! So we are grateful we were at MTC when that happened and were able to use their garage and tools to get things fixed up. Shout out to our friends Tom and Jason who helped a bunch!

While we were there and talking with some friends, I kept getting really good questions about what things will be like in Mexico. I had a lot of the answers.. but I began realizing how much I really don't know about what our lives will be like there. I have asked friends in Mexico questions as I think of them.. but I have often felt like I'm just not thinking of the right questions, or the really important ones. Even though I don't have a lot of the answers, I kind of feel okay with it. I think it might be easier to adjust to a different type of life when I don't have too many built up expectations for how it will be.  It makes me a little nervous to be walking into the unknown, but the nervousness is mixed with excitement and curiosity. I think this is called the honeymoon stage. :) I'll let you know when it's over.

We left Missouri on Tuesday, Aug 12th and headed for Amarillo Texas! We had booked a hotel for the night and when we arrived we were very surprised by how nice it was! Usually when we stay in a hotel with Lily we have to keep all the lights off and whisper after 7 when she goes to bed. So it ends up being kind of frustrating. But somehow we ended up with a suite at this hotel! Thinking back I wonder if they may have made a mistake.. But, a happy mistake! We had a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. It was so nice to put Lily down to bed and still be able to talk at a normal volume and get cleaned up and organized with lights on. :) They also had a pool and hot tub that we were able to enjoy before we headed out in the morning.  Lily had a blast swimming!

The 13th we left Amarillo on our way to El Paso! Last stop before Mexico! Lily did so great on the trip. We realized that even with all the missed naps and late meals she had probably only cried/fussed for 20 minutes max on the whole trip starting in Pennsylvania. Boy, we are blessed by a good traveler! Thank the Lord.

We drove through New Mexico and ended up on the exact route we had taken on our way to the Grand Canyon several years ago! We had stayed with Don's family at an old style Spanish Mission which was beautifully decorated.  We drove right past that place on our route! It was cool to see familiar sights again. We made it to El Paso in pretty good time, even after towing a man 20 miles back the opposite direction. :P A little while after we made it to the NTM guest house here some new friends and missionaries in Mexico arrived too.  There names are Amy and Hector and they came up to help us get all our information together to cross the border. They have also been telling us about life in Mexico and all kinds of things we need to know about moving there. It's been great getting to know them and we look forward to living near them in Chihuahua.

Today we went to the Mexican Consulate to apply for our Visas. Everything went very smooth. We were able to apply for them around 9am and pick them up at 1! Now we will see if everything goes as smoothly at the border tomorrow!

We are anxious to get to our place and start figuring out where we'll get our appliances, furniture and most of all a bed! We'll post again when we are across the border and get some internet!

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