First Leg

On Friday we left Pennsylvania after two days of many goodbyes and a fun time with family and friends before we left. We even got a cake!

Our wonderful "Mexico Bound" cake! Complete with sombrero. 

Driving out of the driveway from PA. 

Now we have made it to Michigan and have had a nice few days with family and friends here. We will be here just 2 more days before driving to Illinois on wednesday for a night with some friends there.

On Sunday we enjoyed seeing lots of friends at church and also got to go up at the end of church for a little 'send off'.  We are grateful for the partnership of my home church through their prayer and financial support. It was nice to have that little farewell.

Lily is having a blast seeing her Gramma ("Geeaa") and Grandpa ("Geepa"), Aunt Beth and Uncle Tom as well as her cousins Jude and Iris.

We have been a little stressed the last few days since she has not adjusted well to being here in the nap area. We have been running her around to new and different places for the last several weeks, and it is taking a toll. She is obviously very tired, but will fight her nap and then be overtired for her afternoon nap... and the cycle continues. All of this transition and bad napping has made her more irritable and emotional. This week she even began throwing full on tantrums! It is waring mommy and daddy a little thin and we just can't wait to get settled in Mexico to give her a little stability. This life on the road isn't for toddlers! :) So we could use prayer in this area, that we would not lose patience with her, that we would remain consistent and give her the love and direction she needs. And that she would handle this transition well... and start taking good naps again! :)

Here are a few pictures from our days in Michigan. Enjoy!

Don squishing Jude, Don and Jude engrossed in the Lego Movie, Gramma reading to the kids.

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