This morning we had the privilege of being officially commissioned by our home church in Pennsylvania. We have been so blessed by this church body and can't express in full the gratitude we feel for the entire church.  It's been awesome to get to know so many people who have had lifelong influence in Don's life and are now dear friends of mine as well.

We live in a small town where word travels fast, and we have been blessed to have 5 local churches join our sending team. It is extremely humbling to have so many people be 'for us', we are often brought to tears by the acts of selfless giving and encouragement from so many. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't run into somebody at a store or a restaurant who knows who we are and is praying for us. I have gotten used to hugging near strangers and hearing words of praise and encouragement from people I hardly know.

A few weeks ago Don and I went out to eat after church and found that we knew someone at every table in the local restaurant we chose. We spent a few minutes greeting and talking with each table before we sat down to eat.  Later on when the waitress would have brought us our check, she told us that one of the men there had paid for our meal, and then shortly after the table of ladies nearby had tried to pay for our meal too. She said we must be very loved.

That's how we feel. We are constantly amazed by the generosity and love we have received from so many. We can't even go out to a restaurant and pay for ourselves. We are humbled.

When times get tough and we feel discouraged during language learning, we will have to remember all those who are praying for us and rooting for us.  Thank you!

Here is a picture from our commissioning this morning. We are grateful for our missions board, elder board and pastoral staff who have come along side us for this journey.  12 days 'till we move out!

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