Well, after much searching and number crunching and research we finally bought a truck that should serve us well in Mexico.

Here she is! Chrissy and I are still working on a name for it. ;)
We will have to install several forms of added security before making the big trip such as kill switches and an alarm.  Chrissy also needs to have some lessons driving a stick shift!

We had only received some of the money necessary for the purchase, but we pulled from our savings since we found a good deal and really needed to move forward and get something. April is only a few months away and we are so excited! We are hoping to continue raising money for this truck and some other start up costs we will have as we move in April.  We did not expect to be able to get such a nice looking truck. We are almost embarrassed to be driving around such a bright and shiny one. The Lord has been so good to us and we are so excited to be making progress towards the big move!  If you are interested in giving a gift to help us cover the truck purchase or go towards our start up costs for Mexico, let us know or check out our "Invest" page.  Gifts toward our ministry are typically sent to our account in Sanford Florida with NTM and are tax deductible.

As a reminder to those who might wonder why we needed a vehicle like this, here is a picture of our friends truck in Mexico. Even with four wheel drive they are clearly struggling! We would never have been able to travel these roads with our 280,000 mile van. :P

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