Full Swing: Hoops and Tape

Well we are really hitting our stride here in PA working on getting things in order for Mexico. I've been running around trying to get our apostille stamps on our birth certificates and marriage certificate (So that they will be recognized internationally). This process has been much more monumental than I anticipated. Each of our birth certificates must be stamped by the government department that issued it. I was born in Harrisburg, so I needed to go through the PA department of state. Lily was born in Missouri so I have to go through the Missouri department of vital records and department of state. We were married in Michigan so I need to work through the Michigan department of vital records and department of state for that. If that wasn't enough, Chrissy was born in Indonesia and her birth certificate was issued by the US embassy there so...I guess we'll figure that one out. :)

Anyway, all that to say, we are plugging away at jumping through the hoops and going through all the red tape necessary for our move. After the holidays and our surprise trip to Michigan, it feels good to be back in full swing, making progress and marking things off the checklist as we count down the days to living south of the border :).

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