The Roads can be a Little Dicey

If you've gotten our email or read some of our recent posts you'll see that we're going to Mexico to serve with NTM in bringing the gospel to the unreached. This has been a very big shift for us, and our heads are still spinning from how our direction has shifted so drastically. We had been eager to go to Asia Pacific and that was the plan for quite a while. We had plenty of time to attach emotions to our future plans. When we found out that we probably wouldn't be going to Asia Pacific it threw us a curve. It was hard for us to picture serving anywhere else. I guess God was right again (of course!) "The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps." (Prov. 16:9). This has been a good reminder that the reason we are doing what we're doing is because we want to see unreached people have the chance to trust in Jesus for their salvation and grow in their relationship with him wherever they may be whether our emotions are attached to their location or not.

Now that we are heading toward Mexico we've been trying to wrap our minds around all the different challenges and obstacles that serving there will bring.

The roads in Mexico occasionally pose a challenge most cars and minivans aren't up to so we're looking for a suitable, reliable, vehicle. Here are some pictures of some of the situations in which we may find ourselves in Mexico...

beautiful but treacherous

Mudslides are common.

Remote areas often are difficult 
to reach without 4 wheel drive.
And the further you get from the cities 
the worse the roads can get.
No matter what kind of vehicle we get 
the terrain will pose some serious challenges

I've been emailing with our future leadership and missionaries that are there now, and they have given a lot of good advice about what we should be looking for in a vehicle. This is an unforeseen expense for us, but we are confident that God will provide what we need. If you would like to give toward our vehicle project you can contact us or add a note to your donation saying "Vehicle".
Basically, we just don't want to be this guy.

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