So far..

So far this summer..

We packed up most of our belongings and moved it all up to Michigan, where we stayed for about a week with my parents. We are sorting and getting rid of things and deciding what to take with us to Asia Pacific. That is a big task in itself because we don't know what we will have access to overseas.. or how expensive it will be! But we are doing our best, striving to keep our load minimal to make traveling and costs easier on us.

After our stay in Michigan we drove about 9 hours to Pennsylvania where we stayed for about 3 weeks. We had some opportunities to speak our church briefly and we also shared at a small group. We are encouraged by the excitement others share with us as we get ready to go.

While in PA we had our car looked over by a shop. We knew we were having some issues and also needed new tires. By the time they were done with it, our car had gotten a lot of work done. When we went to pick it up we were very blessed to find out that someone had paid the bill for us! What a huge blessing to not have that expense, and now a fully functional vehicle. No more worrying about tire blow outs or bearings going bad. Sadly a few days later our car windshield got smashed through certain events.. but that was also covered for us, and we are very appreciative. We really have a great group of family and friends that have our backs when we need them.

After this we had a week of VBS with our sending church. FUN! And then made the drive back to Michigan where Don helped with another week of VBS at my home church. :) What a champ. The theme was a Carnival, so Don got to dress up as a Carnie.

We are still seeking out opportunities to speak at different churches and small groups both in Michigan and Pennsylvania. We are currently back in Michigan, getting involved as much as we can with our church for the few weeks we will be here.

Here are a few pictures from our summer so far!

Lily met a lot of relatives for the first time, here is Pappy Miller, Dave, Leahbelle and Gram Chubb.

Lily is blessed to have a great great grandmother still living! Here is the generational picture.

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