Happy 3 Months Lily!

Parenthood has made me more emotional. Little things like this picture make me get teary eyed.

I'm in a quandary of emotion. I am so excited for Lily to grow up and see the person she grows into, but I also want to freeze time and have her stay this age forever so I can keep her and never have to let her go. I think I'm a pessimist. She's never going to be this small again! She's just going to grow up and eventually break my heart when she wants to leave me for college or get married to someone. :( Oh the joy she's brought into my life. Who would have thought it would be so fun to watch someone learn. The simplest things are so interesting to her, she can stare intently at a shadow on the wall for 5 minutes or focus all her might on trying to reach for her butterfly that hangs above her changing table. I'm so curious to know what her thoughts are. Someday she'll be able to share them with me. But for now I'll enjoy the little dimples on her soft hands and the way she curls her toes. I'll laugh at her when she tries to talk while she eats and when she smiles through her spit up. And I'll snuggle her as she stretches in the morning.

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