An Example

As we have gone through this training we have met so many awesome friends and countless amazing people. Part of our training at the Bible School and at the training center was to take intentional time out with our classes to pray for missionaries all over the world.  We regularly get together and read through update letters from missionaries we will probably never meet, but who were once sitting in the same seats as we are, training for this task. Sometimes it seems like those in ministry end up being plagued with very hard situations and circumstances. Every once in a while one of our friends ends up going through something, and it's hard to see. It's hard to think that we might be the ones going through something very hard someday. But it's SO encouraging to have the body of Christ pull together and pray, love and encourage the ones going through the trial.

Several months ago two of our friends who were still at the Bible School in training were in a very bad car accident on some icy roads. Within days they were almost famous among our missions community. The car accident was very bad, and they were both badly injured. For several days we did not know if the husband Lane would make it. Everyone was praying. He woke up! And then began the long road to recovery for both Emily and Lane. They have kept us updated on the recovery process and I have been so encouraged by their attitudes. It is amazing to see such young people go through something and remain grounded in the Word and in the Lord. I only hope that is how we would/will respond should we go through something.

Today Emily posted this:

"Today we celebrate 11 beautiful months of marriage. Lane and I were discussing this morning why the past 3.5 months have been just as beautiful as the first 7.5. In the world's eyes where physical ability is held in such high regard in a marriage relationship, at this point ours by many could be viewed as pitiable or of little meaning. In this circumstance though, we are not asking for pity. We need no pity. Because we serve a God that is familiar and acquainted with suffering, who knows our greatest needs and beckons that we cast our anxiety upon Him, we are able to rest and in turn confidently say in this uncertain time that these 3+ months have been the most beautiful, regardless of the physical difficulties this TBI has brought Lane.

Having said this though, the past 3 months have not been free of discouragement. Recognizing the nature of TBI's and how much longer this journey could be, the past couple days have been especially difficult. My (Emily) discouragement often escalates as I ponder the countless unknowns of my husbands recovery. And being one that likes to know all the how's, when's, and why's, this time at his side has been nothing short of a test of my own character. As fear and discouragement plagues my mind, I can choose to allow it to fill my heart with doubt, bitterness, or anxiety or take it to my Savior who desires to put my heart at rest with a peace that only He can give. Today we were in Philippians 4 for our devotions and were again reminded of the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding. He beckons that we be anxious for nothing, but to let all our requests be known to God. This is beautiful.

Today we are thankful that even in the midst of our greatest fear, anxiety, and disappoint in this trial we are able to rest because of who Christ IS and our identity with Him. We are so glad to be walking this journey hand in hand and are eagerly anticipating our days of marriage ahead!

Lane and Emily"

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