Well, we've done it. We graduated one week ago from all our required training. Now we're sitting back and relaxing over the next few weeks anticipating the arrival of our little baby girl! We weren't able to go home for Christmas, since the baby could come anytime now, so this was our first Christmas away from our families.  We had a nice Christmas day though. We drove to a friends house for Christmas breakfast with their family, and then had Christmas lunch with some other students and staff who are around campus for break. It didn't really feel like Christmas, but we did have a good time.

We are trying to get a lot done over break. Don has done some maintenance on our van, and is working on our little saturn we are trying to sell as well. It is in good condition, but had one part that needed replaced. We are hoping we'll sell that soon! I'm so glad I have such a handy man!

For this next semester of Linguistics Don is going to have the opportunity to work in the garage here on campus for his 'work detail', so he will be able to learn a lot more about cars and engines. He's looking forward to that. While he takes linguistics, I'll be home most of the time with the baby. But if things go well with the baby and I can handle the work load, I'm planning on working in the nursery here on campus a few days a week. They are always needing more help in there, and it would cut some of the tuition costs from our school bill.

It really doesn't seem real that we are so close to being able to go overseas!! I still haven't fully grasped that I am done with classes.  Since we stayed here after graduation, it doesn't really feel any different. I'm sure once students start coming back next semester, and I see that most of my classmates are not coming back, it will start feeling more real. We've been in this training for about 4 years now, and I'm grateful for all of it. As it gets closer to the time to actually leave, I'm reminded of what a big task this is and how incapable we are of doing it on our own. The training is going to help us in many ways, and I would not have wanted to go without it, but it's not a substitute for a close walk with the Lord.  It is only He who will sustain us and give us the wisdom and strength to do this job and do it well.

Speaking of strength, Don has a cold. He is pretty wiped out, in fact right now he is sleeping on the living room floor. I am hoping he gets over it soon, since it seems like a pretty miserable one, and so that neither of us have a cold when this baby finally comes. Any time now!

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