Something that has been really important to me since finding out we were expecting a baby, is finding a doctor that I feel comfortable with and confident in. After some searching I think I have found a really good one! I am so relieved and excited about this, because I think the more at ease I am with my doctor, the more comfortable (or less uncomfortable) the birth will be.

We went in for our first appointment with him and our first ultrasound last week! We will have a more thorough ultrasound in a few weeks, but we did get a quick peak at the baby! It was so amazing to see the little child growing inside of me. :) Sometimes I have a hard time believing there is a human being inside me, seeing it made it start sinking in a little more.

Baby was sleeping when we got our peak and he/she would not get active for us to get a better angle when trying to figure out the gender. So we will have to wait three more weeks until we find out! We were sad about that, but getting to see the baby was enough to hold us over for a little while. Here are the two pictures we did get of our darling baby. The ultrasound was taken at 20 weeks.

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