Baby Belly

I think my belly is finally showing so much that it's noticeable now.  I am 17 weeks today and really looking forward to having an ultrasound in a few weeks to find out the gender!! People have asked me if I have a feeling either way and I honestly don't, and I don't have a preference either. It's kind of nice. I know I will be exceedingly happy with a boy or a girl. So please pray with us that this baby will be a healthy one! 

In 6 days we are making the trip back to Missouri for our last semester of training. We will have a few days to settle back into our apartment before classes begin again. I thought I would try to give you a glimpse into what our day to day life is like at the training center. 

Monday to Friday's we have classes from 8am to 12pm. We have a few short breaks in between and on Mondays and Fridays our first hour is chapel. Some of the classes we are looking forward to most this semester are Christian Life, Literacy (teaches us how to implement a literacy course in a tribal context), Phonemics (Understanding the sounds in a language from an insiders perspective), Semantics and Translation.  These are all going to be crucial classes for church planting. 

After classes we go home for lunch. Depending on which 'work detail' job we have we head out almost right after lunch to get that done. We are required to put in 7 1/2  hours each a week to keep the campus clean and functional. The last two semesters I have been cleaning the Administration building, which needs to be done every day. So I have 1 1/2 of cleaning to do every afternoon from monday to friday. Don has been working on a crew to do new construction on campus. There are several new buildings going up and since Don is experienced with construction, he was placed with that crew. They usually put in two hard afternoons on Monday and Tuesday to get all their hours in at the beginning of the week. The rest of the day we have either free time or e-linc, which is our weekly meetings with our designated staff members for discipleship and fellowship. All of the students are also required to have a ministry in one of the communities nearby. Don and I have been working with a Latin church in the area, and Don has also been building relationships with a group of high school and college age guys from a town about an hour from campus. When you add in homework time, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, laundry, hanging out with friends, budgeting, balancing checkbooks, writing updates and thank you notes.. etc.. our time gets filled up fairly quickly. 

So there you have it! A little look at our life at the training center. We're excited to get back and kick off another semester! And we are praising the Lord for the way he has provided for us over the summer!

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