Traveling All Over

We've been doing a lot of traveling these last few weeks, I guess that is the life of a missionary. We spent several weeks in Michigan at the beginning of the summer and then last week we high tailed it to New Hampshire for a few days with Don's family at a wonderful Christian Camp. I wish I had taken some pictures because it was really beautiful. The water was crystal clear and Don and I had a lot of fun taking out some little sunfish sailboats during the week. Don's aunt and uncle were also there, so it was fun catching up with them.

Then on friday we drove to Pennsylvania, and a few hours after we got back we presented a little missions challenge to the youth group at our church here. We were exhausted, but I think it went pretty well.

Now we are getting ready to travel to Maryland on Wednesday to speak at another church. For someone who doesn't really like public speaking or being in front of any type of crowd.. I think I am starting to get a little more used to it. Please pray for us that we stay energized through these travels and speaking engagements. We have just a few weeks left of the summer before we will be heading back to Missouri for another semester.

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