Summer Happenings

What a summer! Shortly after we finished this semester of classes in MO I had the opportunity to attend  the birth of a baby! It was an amazing experience, one I will not soon forget. It's so amazing the way God designed everything to work so perfectly. The more I witness His creation and study the way He designed our bodies and other living creatures the more I grow in my appreciation of His power. All of creation testifies to a creator.

Then into our laps fell the opportunity to purchase a mini van. We were not necessarily looking for a car, but we had thought about eventually looking for one. But the price was right and a friend needed to sell it quickly, so we took the opportunity. We are planning on selling our little Saturn as soon as we get back to school in the fall, we'll miss our little trusty Saturn but this larger vehicle will make the move from the training center much easier.

We tested out our new vehicle by taking it all the way to Michigan, and then Pennsylvania the next day. It made the trip very well, except for one flat tire.

We had a great visit for about two weeks with many friends and family in PA. We had the opportunity to speak during the sunday school hour at our church and were very encouraged by the interest many people showed in our ministry.  We are still praying for 15 financial partners to join our team over the summer and looking for more opportunities to share this ministry the Lord has burdened our hearts with.

Next came a week of VBS is PA, followed by another week of VBS in MI.  It was a lot of fun helping out with the kids and watching some of them hear about the Lord for the first time. We also enjoyed reconnecting with some friends and making some new ones with those helping with VBS.

On the 26th of June we celebrated our two year anniversary! We spent the day together playing disc golf, getting chinese food, seeing a movie and doing a little shopping. We had a great time and feel blessed to have had these two wonderful years together. Time sure does fly!

Now we look toward the rest of our summer. We are hoping to get involved with many different things at church here in Michigan with the month and a half we have left. We will be returning to PA for about a week to speak at some churches and see some more friends at the end of July. We are excited to get back to the training center mid August to finish up our last semester of required training.

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