When Don and I first got married we tried to go on a lot of dates. Not expensive ones, but just something once a week or so just for us to do together. It was great. Now that we are in training and our schedules are a lot busier, (and our wallets a little lighter) we haven't gone on nearly as many dates. But something we have found is disc golf. Around our campus there is a frisbee golf course set up. I think there are 14 or 16 holes. The guys on campus are out there all the time playing and they really get into it.

I am not much of a sports person, but Don asked me to go with him a few times. It was such an enjoyable time to just walk together and have fun. It takes me about three throws to make up one of Don's, but we laugh about it and are happy to have an activity we can do together. Also, it has reminded me how much it means to Don when I do something he enjoys with him. :)

So that's one of the things we do for fun around here!

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