Typewriters and Solar Panels

Well, classes continue and Chrissy and I are just soaking in the training. Pretty much every day I'm realizing more and more how valuable the training is and how much time we would waste if we were dropped into a tribal situation just the way we are. We are so thankful for our instructors who have lived in these situations and can give us such practical and insightful advice on how to do just about anything we might run into.

Our missionary technology class has gotten even more exciting. A week or two ago we were talking about sewage lagoons and how to manage a septic system. How thrilling! But now we have started getting into what types of batteries we should take to the field and how to properly maintain them so that we won't have to replace them very often, what kind of solar system we will need and what kind of appliances we're planning on taking with us. I find this kind of stuff fascinating. Today when we were talking about what kind of batteries we should and shouldn't take I did the math and found out that it would take 222,000 lemons to charge my laptop (60 watts). That's if they don't go dead by the end of it. That's a lot of lemons! There is one person in my class that is looking into some research that suggests that you can actually turn your septic system into a power source for your electronics. That would be amazing but I doubt it will be practical for a few more years.

Chrissy and I have been selling all kinds of stuff online to help with tuition and stuff, but one of the things we have been selling is typewriters. You can make quite a killing on typewriters that can be found in a lot of thrift stores and places like that. Today I was "testing" one of the ones we haven't sold yet and I wrote a bunch of letters to friends and family. It was actually kind of fun.

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