This semester it has been hard to balance all our obligations and requirements with work detail, classes, small group (e-linc), outreach (Don has two), Soccer (for Don), homework (and lots of it), a few social events and keeping the house. It might not sound like a lot, but we are both exhausted and ready for the weekend.

Today we met with a staff couple that we will be meeting with once a week for the rest of our time here. We had a great talk. We were discussing the things that Don and I are looking forward to in a tribe someday, the things that make us tick in ministry. One of the things Don is excited about is translation. It will be such a privilege and a huge task to be a translator, but I think Don has what it takes. He loves a challenge like that and I believe he has been gifted with a brain that can pick apart a language and all it's parts.

When thinking of what I look forward to most I just think of the people. I seem to be gifted more in the relational ways than any other. I am excited to come along side the women as they are being taught and to hopefully help them as they have questions or confusion about anything. I can't wait to do life with them and to build deep long lasting friendships.

Don and I have been excited about these things for a long time, but it has been neat to look at spiritual gifts in our New Testament Church class to start to understand why these are our desires.

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