Pigs feet?

Pigs feet? Yes. Pigs feet. That was one of the most recent donations to our much loved food pantry here on campus. We have gotten some interesting things in there, but usually the things we receive are very much needed. Just today there was a big shipment including ranch dressing, trader joes chips, 3 musketeers bars, fiber one bars, coffee creamer, macaroni noodles, a few crates of watermelon...etc. It's such a help to us! Granted, some of those things (*ehem* 3 musketeers bars) are not the best of food for us, but it's a nice treat since we would definitely not buy a snack like that on a budget like ours, and it's a fun snack to offer to guests when they are over.

Classes are in full swing and we are excited to get into some of the nitty gritty classes like missionary technology. We have already covered how to build your own bathroom/outhouse and we have gotten into water systems and filtration systems too. It's such an interesting class! I don't know how the Swiss Family Robinson did it without our wonderful instructors. The team here at MTC in charge of teaching us about tribal technology is constantly searching for the most efficient ways to set things up in a tribe. It's amazing to see some of the things they have come up with.

Tomorrow we will be learning more about Direct Currents and Alternating Currents, Solar Panels and Wind Generators. Each day in this class makes me more appreciative of this training, if we tried to go to a tribe without it we would probably not last there very long.

You can even charge an ipod with solar electricity!

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