Don made me a shoe shelf!

Well, one problem we have here at the Missionary Training Center is space. I feel like the apartment is laid our pretty efficiently though, and we got rid of a lot of our things.. so it doesn't feel too small or too crowded for us at all. BUT, we don't have any kind of closet near the door to put our shoes in and we didn't want to leave them all outside in the dirt so Don decided to make a shoe shelf. It turned out great! It's not perfect or anything, but it does the job.

Here are some pics.

Shoe Shelf Don Made Me

Shoe Shelf Don Made Me


Alex and Elizabeth Minium said...

He's so handy!! :) Must be because he's a Pennsylvanian man. ;)

Matt Z. said...

Where is the epic choice under reactions?

Anonymous said...

Don, you could earn some son-in-law points by building some stuff for ME!!! mom