Float Trip

The other day Don got it in his head to take me on a romantic little trip. He was going to plan it all and surprise me. As it got closer to the day we were planning on going he couldn't keep it in anymore. He just wanted to be sure it was something I would want to do. :) He told me he wanted to take me on a float trip down the River that runs by our little town. I thought that would be very fun!

So we waited for a day that we thought would be pretty warm and we drove Pap Chubb's boat up the river a ways and floated back down the river in it. We were out there for about 4 hours. There are all these pretty little islands in the middle of the river so when we got hungry we parked the boat on one and made a little camp fire to roast hot dogs. We found a shack someone had built on the island and explored it a little. As we were setting up our fire we noticed that about 15 feet away there was a goose sitting on a nest of eggs! She was beautiful and we didn't want to bother her, so we kept away from her nest. It was a really nice day with my honey! When we got tired of paddling we just snuggled up in some blankets and floated down river. We want to do it again sometime in the summer when it's warmer and maybe we can go for a swim! Here are some pictures from our day on the river.

A view of some of the islands.

We had to use some broken oars... :P

Mother goose!

My love.

Our fire.

I have such a sweet husband! :)

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