So Much Travel!

Well, it's about time for another update I guess! We've been so busy these last few months that we haven't been able to post. So I'll give a brief rundown of the happenings.

Thanksgiving was spent with my parents and brother. We traveled up to Michigan and stayed for over a week with them. It was a very enjoyable relaxing time. We were able to catch up with some friends at Bible school as well as make some new ones! We spent some time with our new friend Daniel at my parents house.


We had planned on getting Don's wisdom teeth out while we were up for Thanksgiving, but the dental school was unable to take him so we had to make an appointment just about a week before Christmas to go back to Michigan! We weren't thrilled about the traveling, but it was necessary. So off to Michigan we went again! We stayed about 10 days so that he had a little recoup time. It was very painful for him, but we're very glad it's over and done with now. Here is a funny little video clip of Don right after he got his teeth out before much of the pain had really set in.

The whole month of December with all the traveling, not being able to work much and money we spent on wisdom teeth set us back in our budget a little bit, but we made it through that rough spot and are working hard again to keep saving up money for MTC. We are so thankful that the Lord had provided enough money for us to get Don's wisdom teeth out when we did!

When we got back to Pennsylvania we were very excited for our first Christmas as a married couple! We decorated our tiny little charlie brown christmas tree with some awesome vintage ornaments given to us from Gram. We were so filled with joy!



A few days before Christmas the Chubb family members began arriving! Cousins, Aunts and Uncles were all over the house at Pap and Grams. It was wonderful. The Chubb Family Christmas is something to experience! It was awesome to spend more time with Don's extended family and to grow closer to them through the holiday season. We were sad to say goodbye to everyone!




After Christmas we had one more big trip to take. We drove to Ohio for our friends Elizabeth and Alex's wedding! We got a really late start because I got called into work, so we arrived bright and early Friday morning at 2am. We stayed with Elizabeths friend Malorie. We had a great rehearsal Friday afternoon with Chipotle for the dinner! We were very happy with that.

Saturday was the wedding and everything looked beautiful! We took pictures outside which was quite cold and near the end of the pictures it began to rain. But Elizabeth was prepared with umbrella's for all! I think the pictures are going to look very romantic with rain and umbrellas! Elizabeth and Alex looked so great and were so happy the entire day. Congratulations friends!

Don with his new friend Lee!

Elizabeth and Alex!

Our good friends Bethany and Joel Potter!

Me and Don

Me and Tessa Robertson

So now we are home and very glad to be. We are getting more involved in the youth group here lately. Don will be teaching some of the lessons this next month and we're going on a youth retreat with them this weekend. Pray that we'll be able to build deep meaningful relationships with those students and that Don will have wisdom as he prepares his lessons.

Thanks for reading! Write me a note I'd love to hear from you!

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