Don and I just wrote our first prayer letter. Here is a revised addition of the hardcopy.


Here’s a little update on what we, Don and Chrissy, have been up to recently. As you probably know we both graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute in May, got married in June, and moved to Millersburg Pennsylvania on the 2nd of July. It was a busy, but enjoyable couple months. When we arrived in Millersburg we were met by fireworks over the river and a little apartment we now call our home.

We’ve been enjoying our time here. We have begun getting involved with our church (Davids Community Bible Church) in a few ways such as helping with Junior High youth group and spending time with some friends at a College and Career small group. Don had the opportunity to teach a Sunday School class for the High Schoolers at our church on the book of Romans. It was a great learning experience for us both and we really liked it.

Don has been working all summer with his dad doing roofing and construction. It has been hard work and has kept him away from home some nights but we’re slowly saving up some money.

Chrissy got a job at a Salon, which is an atmosphere she is not used to. She is working as an assistant to the hairstylists, washing clients hair, doing secretarial work and keeping the place clean and running. She’s enjoying her time there and has a fun time with the other girls that work there.

With these jobs we’ve been able to start saving for the next phase of missionary training. We are so excited to start school at the Missionary Training Center (MTC), August 2011 where we will learn many of the practical things we’re going to need to know once we’re overseas, including classes on language learning, Bible Translation, and practical skills like building a functional home in the jungle. We’ve begun our application process and have had a few conversations with the admissions department at the MTC and as long as we have the finances it looks like we will be able to go next August. We would appreciate your prayers as we take this next step toward the end goal of seeing tribal people reached with the gospel.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us and to those who have already begun supporting us financially.

With love,

Don and Chrissy Chubb

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