Well, this month has been packed with little trips and fun times with friends and family. Two Fridays ago Don woke up early like usual and worked half a day. At noon we traveled to West Virginia, stopping briefly at a sweet little tourist town called Harpers Ferry. We were in West Virginia for our friends Bobby and Birdie’s wedding. I was one of her bridesmaids which was a privilege. Here are a few pictures from the event.

Birdie's wedding1

Birdie's wedding

We stayed at a hotel for one night and then drove a few hours back to Pennsylvania, bringing one of our very good friends (Who had also been a bridesmaid in Birdie’s wedding) Vayle back home with us. It was fun to be able to show her our apartment and have a friend stay with us briefly. We spent one night at our apartment, went to Church in the morning for Don to teach his Romans Sunday School Class, and then headed up to Michigan right after Sunday School. We took the trip with Don’s dad, Don, Vayle, Don’s cousin Michael and I.

Don’s dad needed to pick up a load of roofing supplies from Michigan on Monday, so we decided to ride along with him so that we could see my family in Michigan and also stop and visit a few friends at New Tribes on Monday morning. We were able to give Vayle a ride back to Bible School as she will be interning in their childcare department this next year. It was really awesome to see family and friends, even for just a little while. It was also a pleasure to be able to show Don’s cousin Michael the Bible School since he is considering going there in a year or so.

We always like getting back to our little apartment though, these long weekends of driving are very tiring and it’s always comforting to go home. It’s surprising to me how fast our apartment has become a home. I guess it’s probably because Don is there and they say that home is where the heart is. :)

Work at the Salon is going very well for me so far. I’ve been able to get to know the girls that work there a little bit better and I really enjoy them. It’s been fun to make a few friends near my age. This next month I’ll be working 4 days a week, I’m excited for the opportunity to have a few extra hours and also to get to know the girls more.

One thing we’re very excited about is that we were able to buy a car! We checked out a few auto auctions before making a purchase, and finally bid on a 2000 Saturn. We won and are very pleased with the caliber of car we got. It has a few kinks, but Don’s family is capable of fixing them so we’re working on them. So far it runs great though, and gets excellent gas mileage which will save us lots of money in the long run. Praise the Lord!!

Last night we went to Bible study at a friends house. They are Scott and Amy Smith, and Don’s family has known them for a long time. It’s been great getting to know them and we really enjoy going to their group whenever we can make it. We usually eat dinner, play some games and then get down to the study. It’s a great time of fellowship! This week I showed some of them a silly game called big-face little-face and here are the results.


If you would like to pray for us, some specific needs are:

  1. Energy for Don as he has to get up really early and work out in the heat most of the days.
  2. Wisdom for Don as he wraps up his Romans class, that he will teach clearly and continue to improve in his teaching skills.
  3. That we will be wise financially, as we have had to make a few big decisions financially lately.
  4. Pray that our car will hold up and prove to be as good as we think it is. :)
  5. And of course that the Lord would continue to grow us and conform us to better represent His name.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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