We're married! All the months and weeks of hard work from both the Bruce and Chubb families paid off. The day was beautiful. We had been a little afraid that we would get rained out because it had stormed a little in the week before, and the weather reports were looking bad.. but we didn't have a drop of rain. :) The downside to that was that people were feeling really hot, but I think I was too happy to notice the heat because I felt fine.

I married the man that I love! And I thank the Lord for providing such a wonderful husband. People have joked that I'm probably starting to see his faults now that we're married, but I think instead I'm seeing that he's a lot better than I imagined. I'm growing to respect and love him more and more each day. I'm sure there are more faults to find in him, but so far he is a very sweet husband and I'm grateful everyday for him.

One of my favorite things about our wedding day was having a fantastic photographer. A few weeks before the wedding it became apparent that the photographer plans we had made were not going to work out anymore. So I began searching high and low for someone who
could help us out. I tried not to fret about it because I knew that we would still get married whether we had a photographer or not, and I knew that we would have a few friends there that would see what they could get too. (Like my friend Tamara who did succeed in getting some really great shots!) But I kept praying that the Lord would provide someone who could do the major photography. Finally my dear friend Melanie told me that she had a friend who might be able to help. So I checked out her blog and was very impressed. I immediately contacted her and she responded agreeing to do our photography for much less than she is worth only 5 days before the wedding! The Lord sure does provide. :) I haven't gotten to see the pictures that she took yet, but I am confident that she got some good ones and I will post some on here as soon as I can. Thank you Melanie and Emily for all your hard work! We appreciate it so much.

The wedding was very fun and had lots of beautiful handmade
decorations. I'm grateful to my mom and sister for all the work they put into it to make it the wonderful day that it was! We had a short and sweet honeymoon in Lansing at the most wonderful Inn and are now adjusting to life in Pennsylvania. We'll update soon about our life here and our future plans. But that's it for now! -Chrissy Chubb
(If you want to see some wedding pictures I have, click this picture to go to my web album)

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