Newly Weds

Well, we’re really enjoying our time in Pennsylvania so far. And we are living in a great little place above a hardware store here in Millersburg. After the wedding we moved into our apartment which my parents and I had been preparing for a month. When we started it needed some work but we fixed it up pretty nice and now Chrissy and I are pretty much settled in. It feels good to be back in one place even if it's just for a year.

During our time in Millersburg Chrissy and I have found that a lot of our time is occupied by working, and we’re really thankful that we have both gotten work. I've been working with my dad doing roofing and various types of building. I used to hate to work when I was little. I liked the fact that I got paid, but I didn't like the labor. I guess that's the way many people live, but one of my teachers in Bible School said something about work that really stuck with me. He said that if you plan on being a missionary, you should learn to find satisfaction in completing a hard days work, because there will be plenty of them. So since I've been working, I've been trying to enjoy it even if it's hot and miserable. I really like working with my dad. I know I could probably make more money somewhere else, but there is definitely something to be said about being around people you enjoy spending time with. Chrissy has also been working on getting a job. Right now she's training with Platinum salon in Millersburg. It would be good for both of us to work at this point. Right now we need to save up for the training we have to do in Missouri, and if we can both be bringing in some money that will be easier. I will admit though that I wish I got to spend more time with Chrissy. I'm always gone during the day and a few days she works the afternoons so I don't see her from 5:30am-9:30pm. Anyway we're both adjusting to our life here in Millersburg and things seem to be going pretty well.

Our apartment is really nice. I wish I would have taken pictures before so that I could contrast the improvement that we made on it even though when my parents and I were done fixing it up it still wasn't very "homey". Chrissy really turned it into a nice little nest though. She's got a nack for that kind of thing. Here's some pictures of the apartment. There is also a bedroom, but we're not really quite done organizing it yet.

Here is the livingroom

the kitchen

the bathroom

and my desk
dons desk

We would appreciate your prayers as we spend the next 13 or so months here, specifically that we would have an impact on those that we encounter here and that we would be able to save up enough money to continue training with New Tribes in August 2011. And that as always God would continue to work in our lives, that we would trust Him as we make decisions, and that we would let others have an impact on us.

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