My first Blog

Well, I figure it's about time I start using this blog. Since Don and I are getting married he is kindly sharing his blog with me. So now you'll not just see what's going on with Don on here, but me too!

Life for us has been very busy this last month. We successfully finished two wonderful years at New Tribes Bible Institute. Don's family (except for his brother Dave) was able to come up and watch us graduate. They came to my house on Friday to meet my family which was very fun, and they brought a wonderful surprise with them!

Don's mom, Renee, and many other women from Don's hometown and beyond had gotten their resources together and bought us TONS of kitchen accessories. I was blown away. Don had known about the surprise but had kept it from me (I've forgiven him). We received so much nice stuff, much more then Don and I had registered for. It was such a blessing and encouragement to know that there are so many people excited for us and who want to help us out as we get started together. Probably the best gift of all was a green kitchen aid mixer! It's been my dream for years to own one of these and especially a green one. They saved that gift for last and then surprised me with it when I thought I was done opening presents. Thank you so much Millersburg friends! We appreciate you so much.

Here are some pictures from the Bridal Shower in a box.

The next day we had graduation which went by way faster then I expected. It was fun to have some of our friends from our church in Jackson (New Hope Missionary Church) come to watch us graduate. Here are some pictures from the day.

Soon after graduation Don and his family had to head back to Pennsylvania.
It's less then 40 days now until Don and I tie the knot! So this next month is going to be packed with wedding planning and last minute details. I'll be sure to post some wedding pictures on here after the big day!
Thanks for reading!
-Chrissy (and Don too)

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