One more to Go

So another semester has come to an end and I’ve got one more to go. I feel like my time at Bible school has just been flying by. This semester has been just riddled with amazing classes. The first two semesters are mainly laying foundations as they teach through the Old Testament and the Gospels, but the junior semester is focused on Church age doctrine by going through the epistles carefully and completely.

The Romans class was incredible we went through verse by verse breaking down the meaning of the text so that we could comprehend it clearly. We got into what Romans has to say about the Gospel and what things can be misinterpreted if you’re not looking at the context.

Anyway this semester was really good. After I graduate I’m planning on getting married and hopefully going to Missions Training Center for New Tribes Mission in the January ’11 class.

Please be praying for me that I will be able to focus on my schooling in the next semester and for the Lord’s guidance in making big decisions that are coming up.

Thank you for all your prayers and support


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