Interface 2 and 3 '09

So my time in PNG is getting down to the wire and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to come here this summer. I've seen a lot of the students making decisions about missions and Bible school and just plain old being softened by the Word. My hopes for them above all else is that they will walk with God and value their fellowship with him no matter where they are. If they are missionaries, pastors, plumbers, or subway sandwich artists...I hope that in whatever they do they will do it as if unto the Lord walking with him the whole way.

I have pretty mixed emotions with coming home. I mean... I love it here and there is so much of a need here for people who are willing to do whatever...cook, clean, shuffle papers, manage,...and I'm glad that, even though I don't know much about doing anything, I can come and serve in whatever capacity I can. On the flipside I'm really excited to see my family again and spend even just a little time with them. I'm really excited for Bible school this fall; my class is going through Romans almost as soon as I get back and I'm really excited. The past year we've been doing mostly Old Testament and we got to do the Gospels and 1 Corithians, but the next year is going to be mostly NT epistles and some topical classes. Did I mention that I'm excited?

The students should all be on their side trips right now which is the climax of their program. They get to go to a tribal church plant and spend time with the church there fellowshipping, singing, eating, and just generally hanging out and spending time with people who culturally they have nothing in common with but spiritually they are the same. When I was on my side trip last year the believers kept saying in pidgin "you have white skin and we have black skin but inside we have the same spirit." Hearing that from a tribal man will really bring a new sense of reality into your concept of missions. I hope that for them they will be impacted by these people and that they won't forget the things they see. If they all get to go...

The hangup is that the weather here has been ridiculously rainy in the past week or so and it's been the same in the tribal locations that they would be flying into, and they haven't been able to leave due to weather. They went to NTM aviation yesterday morning to try to leave and they were unable to go so they are trying again this morning. I haven't heard yet if they made it out. If not they will probably be able to go to a different location, but it would be for a much shorter time so I'm praying that they will be able to take off this morning.

Well, I'm doing fine and I'll be home in about a week.

I have a couple prayer requests:

Pray that God would send out workers into his harvest and that the students would be able to leave for their side trips. Also, pray that I would be sensitive to the Lord's leading in my life.

in Christ,

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