First Post

On blogging...

I've tried to use a blog before in my attempts to keep up with friends and family back home, but this blog is my latest attempt. I'll do my best to write every month at least. Also don't be surprised by whatever you read. I'm writing to a very diverse group and I'm going to probably offend some people by being blunt, obnoxious, or plain offensive. But whatever you find is genuine and true.

ok wheww. first post...

Well for those who don't know last summer I went on New Tribes Mission's Interface trip to Papua New Guinea and while I was there I decided that I would pursue full time missions. I didn't have much direction as to what I wanted to do before this point so I didn't have an array of plans to disregard I just figured I would go instead of stay. Since the trip I've become quite more resolute in my decision to go.This past year I've been attending New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan and am loving it. I think the thing that I appreciate most about it is that the school focuses on attaining Bible knowledge, but the real focus isn't just attaining "scholarlyness" it's growing up and becoming mature Christians.

This summer I have come back to PNG to help cook for the Interface program because I know that this is where God got a hold of me, so I want to be a part of him getting a hold of others if at all possible. I've been cooking and building and whatever they need me to do here to help make this program possible. Several of the students have made decisions since I've been here to go into a full time ministry of some sort. It's encouraging to see so many young people with a zeal for God and his word. At times I'm pretty embarrased that my generation is so apathetic. I know at least for myself when I was in high school I didn't care a whole lot about anything. I think one of the biggest things I realized in the past year is that "my life" is an oxymoron. "my life" isn't mine at all. It belongs to God. I can choose to make decisions for my own personal gratification, but I will never satisfy my selfish desires. I'll never have a nice enough car or a big enough pool or a fancy enough house. The only satisfaction available is in serving the Lord. And trust me it is way more satisfying. I don't own a car, or a house. Nor do I have a whole lot of any worldy possessions and not much money to my name, but I am happy. I find my contentment in Christ, and friends he is enough.

I'm going back to the States in a week and a half and I won't lie I'm pretty excited. I can't remember a time when I was homesick before, but I'm starting to feel it now. As soon as I get back I'm heading for Bible School where I have one year left. I have a couple prayer requests...

that I would get enough sleep to drive out to Michigan safely

That while I'm at Bible school I will be able to remain focused and get everything out of the classes as possible.

That more people will go and tell those, who haven't heard the good news, the good news.
That those who can't go will send, and that those who can't send will pray.

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