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April 03, 2017

These are our coworkers, Vicente and Eréndira. Here are their testimonies:

My Testimony

Hello beloved brothers and sisters. My name is Vicente Tigre Zata. I was born on March 11 1991 in a a small village in Chihuahua state. I belong to an ethnic group called the Guarijío. My mother language is Guarijío. I lived in that village until I was 18 years old when I had to leave due to issues with crime. After having left the mountains, I visited several places looking for work. After moving around a lot I returned to my home village. Right now my parents live in Guaymas, Sonora.

I am 26 years old. When I was 12 a missionary shared the gospel with me, but at that time I didn’t pay attention. It wasn’t until I was 18 when I recognized my condition as a sinner before God. In all those years I was living a very crazy life. All that time I wasn’t acknowledging that there was a God who created everything including me. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I accepted Christ in my heart. Before having accepted Christ, I did a lot of things that were contrary to God and the law.

In August 2010 I started attending the Bible institute in Chihuahua City in order to gain more biblical understanding so that I could later go teach my own people, the Guarijío, in my own language. I wanted to teach them what the missionaries had taught us so that they would recognize their condition before God as sinners. I was in the Bible institute for 2 years becoming prepared for the work ahead of me. I finished my studies in May of 2012, and in July 2012 I returned to my village to help with the translation of God’s Word into my language, Guarijío. I worked on the translation for 2 years. With the Lord’s help and provision, I translated Matthew, Mark, Luke, and part of John; I was also teaching the Word in my language. Thanks to God there are some Guarijío believers that by God’s grace are continuing ahead firm in the Lord.

In August 2014 I returned to Chihuahua to finish the last 2 years of cross cultural training, located outside the city of Chihuahua, where, by God’s grace, after 2 years I was finished with my training.
I met my wife Eréndira Flores González in the Bible institute in January 2012. In that moment I didn’t become her boyfriend. It wasn’t until I arrived at the cross cultural missionary training that we started dating.

This is the testimony of my wife:

Greetings, my name is Eréndira Flores González. I was born in a small town in the state of Nayarit. I am thankful to have been born in a Christian family. I remember getting very excited listening to them talk about God, and when it was in my own language, it was as though God were speaking to me directly! I had no doubt, “God is also Cora; he speaks my language!” I thought. From there I got the idea to make sure everyone else knew my God and know who he really is from their innermost being, that they know that God is personal, and that he speaks and understands their language, that He is a God that is concerned for us. That was when in my mind and heart I felt a stirring to go and make sure that people in other indigenous villages knew God.

The years passed and at the time that God had planned, some missionaries told me about the cross cultural Bible institute in Chihuahua. I entered the Bible institute in January 2012 and finished my studies in May 2014. I prepared myself for those two years in the Bible stage of the training. In August 2014 I joined the cross cultural missionary training outside the city of Chihuahua where after 2 years, by God’s grace, I finished my training.

God allowed us to get married in December 2014 and in October 2015 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Mísael. The goal of each of us while we were single to go and proclaim the good news to the indigenous in their own language has become a reality. Now God has permitted us to work together in his work. We are serving Him among the Guarijío ethnic group. As for the Guarijío, they too hear the gospel and can be saved and before too long they too will be giving glory and honor to our God.

The Guarijío are an indigenous group with the same feelings and desires as normal people. The have a different way of seeing and living life, and they communicate themselves very differently than we do. On top of the huge cultural and language differences, they are separated from God. Many have not yet believed in the Lord Jesus nor have they heard the good news in their own language.

Our Vision:

Teaching and discipling new believers
Establishing leaders in the church
Translation of the Old and New Testament (we have 74% of the New Testament translated)
Teaching in neighboring villages
Establish a mature church

Like I said earlier, purely by God’s grace, we are serving the Lord among the Guarijío people. We only have 50% of our recommended support, but we are trusting in God that He will provide everything necessary and he is faithful not to leave us.

At the moment, my wife, Eréndira, is focusing on learning the language and culture of the Guarijío, but she’s also teaching the kids on Sundays and doing crafts with the women during the week.
I am teaching in the church on Sundays, translating little by little the gospel of John, and doing community service projects among other things.
Vicente Translating

Eréndira teaching the kids Sunday school
Thank you brother/sister for taking an interest in us. We ask that God would bless you and keep you every day.

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K. Weber said...

How encouraging to read your stories! Praise God for what He has done, for what He is doing, and for what He will do in your lives and through your lives! We are friends of your new partners in the work, Don and Chrissy, or Aldo and Gris! My husband and children and I are praying for all of you and for the people you are reaching. Dios te bendiga!

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