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March 28, 2017
We are so incredibly blessed by our team of prayer and financial supporters! We have several awesome Churches partnering with us to plant a sister Church in Mexico! Here are a few of our investors. This page only serves to represent the churches who are working to send us out. There are so many more individuals who are praying and supporting us financially. We feel constantly humbled and grateful for the team the Lord has put together to accomplish this task!

This is the Church Don grew up in and our sending church. They have done so much for us and have supported us so well through encouragement, prayers and finances. We are so grateful for them!

Ben and Lori are dear to us from this church. This Church was the first church to get behind us financially and their zeal for the Lord has made such an impact on our hearts. We can't count how many times the church's random financial gifts have answered prayers and helped us finish the training. We appreciate the way Ben does not view himself as higher than anyone else. He jumps right in with both feet to get things done and is a hard worker. Without them we would not be where we are today. 

This is the Church Chrissy was raised in and we are so excited to have them join our team! We are beyond blessed by the pastors of this Church who are so active in the body and a regular encouragement. We always enjoy our time in Michigan with this Church body.

We are grateful for Grace United Methodist's support and desire to be a part of reaching the lost. We hope to be involved closer with this church body in the future!

Bob is the pastor here, and we've found a friend in him. The congregation at this church was quick to get excited about the work that is going on around the world to reach those who have never had a chance to hear.

Hebron United Methodist 

This is the awesome pastor and friend, Rick at Hebron.  He and his wife have true servants' hearts and are heavily involved with ministry in many areas. We connected with them quickly and are grateful for the way they have opened their homes and lives up to us. We know they will be there for us when we need encouragement and prayers. 

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