March 28, 2017
Our passion is to see the Word of God clearly understood and transforming lives, specifically those who have had no chance of hearing the sweet message of the Gospel. We are very thankful to you all who have been praying for us and supporting us. You are playing a critical part in this task!

NTM members receive funds for their ministries from their sending churches, and from other churches and individuals that choose to partner with them. New Tribes Mission members are not salaried. In faith they look to the Lord for provision of their financial needs, knowing that God has instructed His people to meet the needs of those in His service.

We have an account with NTM where we are able to receive gifts, and any regular or one time gift sent to this account is tax deductible.  We are blown away and excited to see the kind of team
 that has volunteered to work together with us in this task by financially giving and praying for this ministry. We are hoping to eventually be fully funded since that would allow us to do ministry more effectively without the added burden of financial strain.  We are extremely blessed to have 85% of our needs met! Praise the Lord! 

Any size gift plays a huge part in taking the gospel to the unreached. We have supporters who give between $5 and $1,000 dollars a month. Each gift plays a part and we are so grateful for those willing to pray and support us.

NTM analyzes the spending of families of similar sizes to ours and is able to project how much money we need to live in Mexico. Along with the normal costs of living, we have many extra living expenses, such as travel, taxes, fees, transporting food and goods, wear and tear on our vehicle as we travel rough roads, medical expenses, translation materials and lesson printing, insurance, and house maintenance expenses. We will be living much more simply than we would be in the states, but will still need more than we might if we were living in the US.

If you are interested in giving a one time gift or partnering with us monthly in this ministry there are several ways to give.

By Mail:
New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St. Sanford, FL 32771
(see instructions below)
Over the Phone:
1 (866) 547-2460
Giving Instructions

Checks or Money Orders may be made out to New Tribes Mission.  Please include a note with all gifts designating them to “Don and Chrissy Chubb.”  
*All financial contributions sent through these methods are tax-deductible.

Check out these other ways of partnering with us in this ministry!
Pray and Connect
  • Partner in prayer and stay informed by subscribing to our Email Updates 
  • Partner by sending us an encouraging email, letter or package
  • Since many have been asking if we have any 'things' we need for Mexico. We have come up with an Amazon wish list of things that would be helpful to have. We will try to always have this up to date for those who prefer to send care packages or give gifts! You can view that here. Or for those who like to spoil Lily, Ruth, and Eli with toys or things, this list is for you
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