March 29, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What country are you working in?
We are working in Mexico.  NTM currently serves in Bolivia, Colombia, Greenland, Guinea, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Senegal, and Thailand. Many people don't realize that there are unreached people groups in Mexico. We are excited to join the efforts.

What kind of needs are in Mexico?

There are around 280 known languages in Mexico (this number varies because some are considered only different dialects). NTM estimates that around 100 to 150 of those languages have not been reached with the Gospel. This means there is no established Church or gospel witness in their language. The people groups in Mexico range drastically in their exposure to western culture, but there are still some that live quite primitively. Most areas of Mexico have had some exposure to 'formal religion' whether it be short evangelistic efforts or Catholic influence. Since many of these languages are quite complex and unstudied, these evangelistic efforts have often fallen on deaf or misunderstanding ears. These people groups are Animistic in their beliefs and often end up mixing and layering any Catholic or Christian beliefs together with what they believe instead of allowing the Word of God to displace their false understanding of reality. This is because it takes YEARS to truly understand their belief system in order to shed light on the lies they currently believe. In order to do this we want to truly KNOW them, build long lasting friendships with them and understand their individual personalities, their deeply held beliefs and their complicated language in order to communicate God's love and the Gospel of Grace crystal clearly. 

Where do you live right now?

Right now we live in Chihuahua Mexico for our Spanish studies. We should be able to wrap up our Spanish studies sometime in 2017.  This time is so important as it will help us learn and adjust to the culture.   

What is your plan after that?

We have joined the missionary team to the Guarijío people group. We are planning on moving in later this year and getting started studying their language and culture. Doing Bible teaching in their heart language is critical even though there are a lot of people there who also speak Spanish fairly well. The message we have to deliver to them is too important to communicate in a confusing or less than clear way.

What's your team like?

Our coworkers, Vicente and Erendira Tigre, are currently in the village where Vicente is working on Bible teaching in the church and continuing translation work. His wife, Erendira, is working on studying the language and culture of the Guarijío.

Vicente is a Guarijío man who grew up in the very same village he is living in now. He was saved due to missionary efforts among his people, and he was discipled by those same missionaries. He brushed up on his Spanish and came out to the city to enter the missionary training. Now he's going back to his own people group to reach them with the gospel and help this small church toward maturity.

His wife Erendira is from another people group here in Mexico (the Cora). She's learning Guarijío language and culture in order to be involved in ministry in the community as well.

What kind of location will you live in?

We are inheriting the house of the missionaries that were there before us. This is a HUGE blessing because house building is incredibly difficult and expensive in such remote locations. Our house is located about 12 hours from Chihuahua City, 6 hours of pavement and 6 hours of dirt roads.

There is a government project getting electricity to the village we are going to live in, but it ends up being off a decent portion of the year. Because of that, we'll have a solar backup power system that we can use as our primary source of electricity if need be. Our biggest problem will be getting enough water. There is a small spring uphill from us that we have hooked up to a storage tank and then it gravity feeds into our house, but we'll have to be very careful about how much water we use. If we use too much, the spring will dry out before rainy season.

About the Guarijío

The Guarijío people group is located in western Chihuahua state. The language is related to and possibly a dialect of Tarahumara (another larger people group in the area). We are joining the team after they have had missionaries there for a long time. There is a small church that is growing toward maturity and the Bible translation is well under way. We're excited to join the team and be part of seeing this church reach maturity someday where they will no longer rely on missionary presence.

How long do you plan on being in a Tribe?
Seeing a church reach maturity to the point where it will continue to function and grow without the help of missionaries can take a long time. We are mentally prepared for up to and over 20 years in the tribe. We have no idea what the Lord has for us or whether He'll allow us to be there that long, but we're excited to be a part of this work for as long as we can and see people raised up and discipled into mature believers among the Guarijío.

What is New Tribes Mission?

New Tribes Mission (NTM) is a Christian organization whose aim is to take the message of the Bible to remote people groups of the world.  A people group is any ethnic collectivity sharing a common cultural-linguistic history and a unique worldview that is distinguished by an integrated set of values, beliefs, and behaviors. Out of the approximate 6,500 people groups in the world there are still around 2,300 people groups that have not yet heard (and do not at this point have the chance to hear) the good news. Most of these are completely isolated from the gospel whether it be by location or language.

The name, New Tribes Mission, is used because the work is mainly among 'tribal' people groups. The focus therefore is on 'new tribes', who do not have the Bible in their language and haven't had the opportunity to hear the message of Christ the savior presented clearly.

How are NTM missionaries supported?
New Tribes missionaries are not salaried. Every missionary must be sponsored by friends, family, and local churches in order to minister within NTM. That goes for the teachers at their Bible schools in the States, to the families in the tribal locations. This allows the Church as an entity to function as a body. The missionaries are the ones who will physically preach the gospel in places where it hasn’t gone, but the Church is doing the work as a whole. The Bible is clear that the body consists of different parts, and, while the roles of those parts are different, we are to work together to accomplish the task set before us. Just as the feet can’t function without the body, missionaries need the prayer and support of The Church to accomplish the task. Your role as a prayer or financial supporter is no less important or necessary than our role, and every part will receive reward in heaven for their work, done in the Spirit, to fulfill the Great Commission.  1 Corinthians 12:14-18, Matthew 28:19-20.

Details on Financial Support

We have an account set up with NTM. We are relying on God to supply our needs through the Church body. If you would like to partner with us in this ministry or just give a one time gift check out our Invest page. 

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