Don: When I was just a little kid, 3 or 4, I came to know the Lord as my personal savior. I remember my mom explaining to me that Jesus took the punishment for our sins on himself on the cross and we don’t have to pay for our sins by “earning” our way into heaven. While I was growing up this truth didn’t have a huge impact on my life. I wasn’t walking with the Lord consistently until my senior year of high school. It was then that God got a hold of me and I began enjoying an active relationship with my creator. And now I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than to serve him with the short vapor of a life I have been given.

I had heard about missions as a kid, but I never thought I was right for the job. I thought missionaries were spiritual giants and super-human Christians. When I realized I was wrong and that missionaries were just normal people who were willing to go, the Lord burdened my heart for the unreached. I went on a trip to Papua New Guinea and, when I saw first hand the darkness these people are living in, I had to be a part of giving them a chance to hear God’s good news.

Chrissy: I was born in Abepura, Indonesia. Being the child of missionaries I was taught at a very young age about my separation from God. I don’t remember very much from our time overseas, but I do remember learning and understanding that I did not have a relationship with my creator because of my sin and that I was destined for hell. But there was hope! The perfect son of God, Jesus Christ had done what I could not, He died on a cross paying the price that I owed for my sins to buy me back to Himself. I trusted in His work on the cross on my behalf and was saved. What did this mean for me? I am His child, secure because of His righteousness placed on my account. It has been a joy to walk with Him.

I decided in my teens that the only thing I could do with my life is to serve Him in thankfulness for what He has done for me. After that it was just a matter of figuring out where I could be used most, I had been interested in youth ministry, tribal missions, inner city ministry in New Orleans and working with the handicapped. Before I made any major decisions on what I would do with my life I knew that I needed to get a solid foundation in the Word. My time at Bible School changed my life in more ways than one, I experienced the living and active word of God in a way I never had before and began being equipped for a life of ministry.

Together: During our time at Bible school we met and became friends. The Lord was doing a work in both of our lives as we were exposed to the great need that is among unreached people groups for God’s word. We both knew about missions before going there, but the reality of how many language groups don’t have a chance of hearing the gospel struck us hard. We have heard the clear call from scripture that Christ has commissioned all believers of every age to be involved somehow in making disciples to the ends of the earth. But the reality is, not many are willing to go to the indigenous people groups at the ends of the earth, and so the need there is huge. We both decided on our own that missions was the life we would choose before we ever talked about pursuing a relationship. We are grateful for the provision of a spouse with the same desires and convictions. The Lord has burdened both of our hearts for the people groups of the world without hope of hearing the gospel. We got married on June 26th, 2010, shortly after graduating Bible School and finished the rest of our missions training shortly after.

You can usually find Don working at his desk or running errands with some friends. He also likes biking, hunting, fishing, video games, movies, disc golf, knives, golfing, reading, computer programming, and late night taco runs.

Chrissy is usually found in the house trying to balance wifing and mothering and language learning too. To relax she likes making something for the kids, whether it be a decoration or a new silly toy. Chrissy likes listening to music, crafting (sewing, crochet, painting, building, refinishing.. etc..), spending time with friends, researching nutrition, watching good movies, taking pictures, baking sweets, or adoring someone's sweet kids.

Our first daughter Lily was born in January of 2013! She changed our lives so much, and we are constantly marveling at the blessing (and struggle!) it is to be parents. She's almost always a joy to be with. Her personality is blossoming and she's turning into quite a smart and sweet little lady with a great sense of humor to boot!

We welcomed our second little sweetie Ruth in January 2015! She's full of energy, emotion, and attitude and we love watching her discover and learn new things each day.

Surprise we had another in October of 2016! Our first boy Eli joined the clan just to keep us on our toes and make sure we don't get too comfortable. :) Eli has been the easiest baby ever which we are extremely thankful for. Even with such an easy little guy, learning to balance life as a family of 5 has been difficult! We are learning new things every day and are so thankful for our three growing gifts.

We are OVERWHELMED with love for each of our children and are praying God would give us wisdom as we train them and teach them through their growing up years.

We are so excited to be working in Mexico! We believe firmly that God's heart is for the lost to be reached and we are humbled that He would choose mere man to accomplish this great task. We know that the road ahead will not be easy, but we want to present ourselves as living sacrifices for the Lord to use as He pleases. It is a privilege to serve Him. We know that there may be some very valid reasons that could bring us off the missions field someday, but we are deciding in our hearts now that we will not waste the time and energy of our church, but, more importantly, we will not waste the time of those dying, waiting to hear the good news of salvation.

We began ministry in Mexico August 2014 and are living in the city currently as we finish learning the Spanish language. After we complete our Spanish and Mexican culture studies we will join our new co-workers, the Tigre family out in the mountains and work with them to disciple the current believers among the Guarijío people as well as assist the small Church there as we spread the good news of our Savior to the rest of the Guarijío people.